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Nicole, right, introduces herself to Ryan Eley, owner of the Becket Country Store. Looking on are her husband Aaron, and two children.

BECKET — The cash registers weren’t ringing yet, but the Becket Country Store’s doors were open for a meet-and-greet with owner Ryan Eley Wednesday.

Eley was serving doughnuts, croissants and muffins, coffee and tea. Just before opening, Eley shoveled out the parking area and then, with help from a friend, hung the new circular sign on the front of the red building, sandwiched between the post office and Town Park.

The store has been closed since 2017 and sorely missed as Becket residents drive 12 miles to Lee for milk, eggs, bread and beer. Eley purchased the store in July of 2022 and his plans to reopen got mired in permitting and other issues. He ended up gutting the building and doing quite a bit of site work as well.

Becket Country Store Throws Its Doors Open To The Curious And The Eager

This Berkshire County Village Is The Most Under Rated In MA

Bay State residents: This scenic town in the Berkshire Mountains along the Housatonic River is also known as an "art colony" in Massachusetts. Local residents and visitors make this part of our state a true destination. By now, you probably know I was referring to the village of Stockbridge which has been deemed as one of the top "under rated" locations here in our backyard.